Award-Winning Professors: How We Change Students’ Lives

February 25, 2019

Some younger faculty credit the Course Design Institute, run by UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence, with helping them develop more interactive teaching methods, even in large lecture courses.

Developing Tools to Transform Student Experiences

February 1, 2019

CTE Assistant Director Lindsay Wheeler receives a $141,173 grant from the Jefferson Trust to develop tools to improve instructors' teaching and transform student experiences.

Making Memorable Moments in Class

April 5, 2018

CTE Director Michael Palmer works to help faculty design deeply memorable moments in class through an activity called “the dream exercise.”

UVA’s Top Teachers Beloved as Role Models

April 27, 2016

The outstanding teachers in this group of 13 professors at various points in their careers, plus a medical resident and five graduate teaching assistants, not only share important life lessons, they impart wisdom.