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UVA 2023 Convocation
UVA Vice President and Provost Liz Magill urged graduate students to take advantage of opportunities offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence.
How do today’s professors teach? This is a question Karen Inkelas with colleagues Lindsay Wheeler, Michael Redwine, and Alison Levine are trying to answer. They're creating a web-based teaching observation tool to document what actually happens in college classrooms at UVA.
SEAS Educational Strategies Coordinator Michael Redwine, Education Associate Professor Karen Inkelas, and CTE Assistant Director Lindsay Wheeler are developing a “suite of digital tools designed to improve college teaching and student learning.”
In this Tea for Teaching episode, the CTE's Lindsay Wheeler and Hannah Sturtevant join the hosts to discuss potential interventions to overcome the barriers to adopting effective teaching practices.
Prof. Tomeka Dowling Sharing a Powerful Teaching Moment
UVA Nursing Professor Tomeka Dowling shares her story of recognizing a powerful teaching moment last fall, originally recounted at the CTE's Celebration of Teaching Excellence on May 15.
Some younger faculty credit the Course Design Institute, run by UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence, with helping them develop more interactive teaching methods, even in large lecture courses.
University of Virginia faculty members in STEM disciplines will have the opportunity to enlist more support for using active-learning methods in their large introductory classes–with the help of undergraduate students.
Course Design Institute
CTE Director Michael Palmer works to help faculty design deeply memorable moments in class through an activity called “the dream exercise.”
The CTE's Lindsay Wheeler receives a $141,173 grant from the Jefferson Trust to develop tools to improve instructors' teaching and transform student experiences.
The CTE's Lindsay Wheeler and Hannah Sturtevant are interviewed about their research, which explores the barriers to using innovative teaching practices. Wheeler and Sturtevant explain their findings and possible solutions.
The University of Virginia has expanded its commitment to the Bicentennial Professors Fund to further strengthen efforts to attract and retain the best and the brightest faculty members across every discipline.
Board of Visitors member Barbara Fried
UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence has announced a $3 million gift provided by Board of Visitors member Barbara Fried.
Elzinga teaching class
It’s likely that Ken Elzinga has impacted more students than any professor in University of Virginia history.
This year’s award-winning teachers at the University of Virginia show the enormous impact a passionate teacher can have on students’ lives.
Rotunda at Night
CTE Associate Director Dorothe Bach has been unwavering and compassionate in bringing innovative, evidence-based teaching techniques and tools to UVA classrooms – effectively spreading her successful, meaningful methods to tens of thousands of students.

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