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CTE 2019-2020 Annual Report
This year was shaped by a worldwide pandemic and ongoing racial, social, and political unrest--and so was our work. Read more about our new programs and initiatives, strategic goals, massive effort to support instructors as a result of COVID-19, commitment to advocate for anti-racist educational practices, and much more.
Hands raised to catch lightbulbs
What and why to teach are more important considerations than how to teach if we are to offer an education that truly matters at this distinct historical juncture, writes Andrew Kaufman.
Andrew Kaufman teaching class
This fall, we're offering a learning community for community-engaged faculty. Led by the CTE's Andrew Kaufman and the Provost Office's Ellen Blackmon, the group will meet monthly to explore the unique challenges and opportunities of community-engaged teaching in an online environment.
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Engineering's William Guilford teaching online class
The Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Design & Technology in the College of Arts & Sciences have invested considerable time and resources this summer to ensure the highest-quality learning experiences possible under the circumstances.
UVA Learning Tech logo
Learning Tech is officially live. This site is your connection to learning technologies available across UVA that support your teaching and students’ learning. Whether your classroom is on Grounds, online, or a combination of the two, the resources presented here offer opportunities to enhance, refine, or even reimagine your courses.
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Archie Holmes
Under Holmes, the Center for Teaching Excellence established Thrive grants for faculty adding experiential learning to existing syllabi.
Learning Tech
UVA is launching a new website dedicated to showcasing learning technologies that support your teaching and students’ learning. Learning Tech connects pedagogy with technology, presenting a dynamic catalog of available tools with a special focus on their potential value for teaching and learning.
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New Faculty Orientation 2019
Learn more about CTE resources that will help you prepare to teach this fall, regardless of instructional modality.
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UVA CTE logo
The CTE team mourns the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and too many others, and supports the protests against police brutality and racism that have occurred in Charlottesville and nationwide.
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Rotunda image
With c3Design, the learning happens at a distance, is spread out over several weeks, and is less dependent on individual schedules. The current pandemic makes c3Design a perfect alternative to our Course Design Institute.
UVA Grounds from above
At the Center for Teaching Excellence, psychology graduate student Victoria Mauer taught other graduate instructors “inclusive and contemplative pedagogical practices” to help engage their undergraduates in discussions on challenging topics.
In early March my university administration informed me that I had a week to transition my University of Virginia course Books Behind Bars online.
Community-engaged teachers
At first, Andrew Kaufman, an associate professor who teaches “Books Behind Bars,” felt as if his course had been gutted, he said, and he couldn’t imagine how it would work.
Laptop and books
Ahead of the first days of virtual classes, CTE Director Michael Palmer shares some advice for instructors on communicating with students and making adjustments, big and small.
UVA Grounds
The Center for Teaching Excellence held sessions to help instructors maximize their educational instruction.
Homer statue on UVA Grounds
As UVA faculty shift all spring semester courses from the classroom to virtual delivery, the A&S Learning Design & Technology team, alongside other partners like the Center for Teaching Excellence, is working to ensure instructors have the tools and support they need to make the transition as smooth as possible.
UVA Grounds
To prepare for online classes, UVa is surveying faculty to determine the support they need for the transition and providing assistance. UVa’s Center for Teaching Excellence also is hosting webinars to help faculty members.
Rotunda Dome Room
Since the fund's creation in 2017, approximately 100 professorships have been endowed through the partnership of donors and UVA, including at entities like the Center for Teaching Excellence.
The CTE is accepting applications for our Graduate Student Teaching Consultant positions.
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Yiqing Song
Astronomy graduate student Yiqing Song shares her experience in the PhD Plus Liaisons Program, where she has co-developed and co-facilitated a workshop for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) in the STEM fields.
Sherese Bonner, Undergraduate Consultant
The CTE is accepting applications for our Undergraduate Student Teaching Consultant positions.
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Sharon Philip Headshot
Physics graduate student Sharon Philip shares her experience in the PhD Plus Liaisons Program, where she is making efforts to not only encourage active communication between graduate students and the administration, but also bridge the gap between TAs and students in STEM disciplines.
Program Applications Open
The CTE is now accepting applications for the following programs: Course Design Institute, Connecting Lives initiative, Ignite, and SoTL Scholars.
Associate Professor Andy Kaufman teaching
"One of the things that I've always enjoyed doing as a teacher … was figuring out how to make literature exciting to everyone—not just students and fellow academics—but how to take the beauty and the power of literature and share it with many others outside of the academy." The CTE's Assistant Director of Community-Engaged Learning Initiatives Andrew Kaufman shares how he got involved in this work and the impact he hopes to have in his new position.
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3Cavaliers Research Project
This 3Cavaliers research project will create a suite of digital tools to observe and measure college teaching that documents frequency and duration of classroom activities but does not require subject matter expertise.
PhD Plus Teaching Liaison Christian West, headshot
Curry graduate student Christian West shares his experience in the PhD Plus Liaisons Program under the mentorship of CTE Assistant Director Adriana Streifer.
CDI Summer 2019 Picture
This diverse, transdisciplinary group joined the Contemplative Faculty Learning Community (CFLC) as part of attending the Center for Teaching Excellence’s award-winning Course Design Institute (CDI) this past summer. The CDI is an intensive, week-long seminar for faculty to design or redesign a course with learner-centered principles in mind.
UVA Acts performance
Facilitated theater is a new problem-solving technique that the University currently uses to indirectly address potential discrimination through performances. UVA's own group, UVA Acts, is expanding the type of issues that the Center for Teaching Excellence is tackling.
The Center for Teaching Excellence's 2018-2019 annual report shows how the CTE has promoted excellence and innovation in teaching and learning at the University of Virginia in the past academic year. Inside you will find an overview of our work across and beyond Grounds, along with other significant accomplishments and highlights.
Class session in Nau 101
Curry Associate Professor Karen Inkelas, CTE Assistant Director of STEM Education Initiatives Lindsay Wheeler, and SEAS' Instructional Technologies Coordinator Michael Redwine built and are piloting a new observational tool designed to identify what makes a class session engaging and effective.
Curry students visit James Madison's Montpelier
This year, thanks to a grant from UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence, Dr. Patrice Grimes was able to organize a full-day visit to Montpelier for her “Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School" students.
UVA 2023 Convocation
UVA Vice President and Provost Liz Magill urged graduate students to take advantage of opportunities offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence.
How do today’s professors teach? This is a question Karen Inkelas with colleagues Lindsay Wheeler, Michael Redwine, and Alison Levine are trying to answer. They're creating a web-based teaching observation tool to document what actually happens in college classrooms at UVA.
SEAS Educational Strategies Coordinator Michael Redwine, Education Associate Professor Karen Inkelas, and CTE Assistant Director Lindsay Wheeler are developing a “suite of digital tools designed to improve college teaching and student learning.”
In this Tea for Teaching episode, the CTE's Lindsay Wheeler and Hannah Sturtevant join the hosts to discuss potential interventions to overcome the barriers to adopting effective teaching practices.
Prof. Tomeka Dowling Sharing a Powerful Teaching Moment
UVA Nursing Professor Tomeka Dowling shares her story of recognizing a powerful teaching moment last fall, originally recounted at the CTE's Celebration of Teaching Excellence on May 15.
Some younger faculty credit the Course Design Institute, run by UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence, with helping them develop more interactive teaching methods, even in large lecture courses.
University of Virginia faculty members in STEM disciplines will have the opportunity to enlist more support for using active-learning methods in their large introductory classes–with the help of undergraduate students.
Course Design Institute
CTE Director Michael Palmer works to help faculty design deeply memorable moments in class through an activity called “the dream exercise.”
The CTE's Lindsay Wheeler receives a $141,173 grant from the Jefferson Trust to develop tools to improve instructors' teaching and transform student experiences.
The CTE's Lindsay Wheeler and Hannah Sturtevant are interviewed about their research, which explores the barriers to using innovative teaching practices. Wheeler and Sturtevant explain their findings and possible solutions.
The University of Virginia has expanded its commitment to the Bicentennial Professors Fund to further strengthen efforts to attract and retain the best and the brightest faculty members across every discipline.
Board of Visitors member Barbara Fried
UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence has announced a $3 million gift provided by Board of Visitors member Barbara Fried.
Rotunda at Night
CTE Associate Director Dorothe Bach has been unwavering and compassionate in bringing innovative, evidence-based teaching techniques and tools to UVA classrooms – effectively spreading her successful, meaningful methods to tens of thousands of students.
Elzinga teaching class
It’s likely that Ken Elzinga has impacted more students than any professor in University of Virginia history.
This year’s award-winning teachers at the University of Virginia show the enormous impact a passionate teacher can have on students’ lives.

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