ConneCTEd: February Edition


With the spring semester well underway, here are a few resources to help you respond to student work.

SPECIAL: Q&A: Get to Know CTE Assistant Director Andrew (Andy) Kaufman - Learn more about how Andy got involved in community-engaged teaching and learning, along with the impact he hopes to have in his new role at the CTE.

CTE Team News

Pop-Up CTE is coming to a location near you! Be on the lookout for our Assistant Director of Engineering Education Initiatives Lynn Mandeltort as she pops up around Grounds to provide just-in-time support and talk teaching with you. If you’re on Twitter, follow @cte_uva and @LynnMandeltort to stay updated on where Lynn will be.


A recent publication from our team:

Communicating the consensus on climate change to college biology majors: The importance of preaching to the choir - The CTE's Jeremy Sloane and his coauthor investigated the impact of introducing scholarly literature around the consensus on climate change to university biology students. The results of the study indicated that students who read and discussed the literature on climate change consensus became more worried about climate change as well as more confident in their ability to communicate the consensus.


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