Asynchronous Workshop: Creating Well-Paced, Socially Connected Courses

Creating Well-Paced, Socially Connected Courses is a self-guided workshop designed to be a compact remote learning experience that addresses common barriers for instructors who are accustomed to in-person teaching. You will watch videos, respond to reflection questions, engage in a multimedia presentation, complete a worksheet, and have access to additional resources. The variety of activities aims to provide you with ideas for your own courses and empathize with the remote student perspective.

Instructors who complete this workshop will be able to:

  • See themselves and their students as active participants in a community of learners in an online course
  • Identify and practice instructional moves for supporting asynchronous student dialogue
  • Build confidence in their remote teaching presence 
  • Plan for paced, sustainable social presence for themselves and their students
  • Locate and connect with additional resources to support their goals as practitioners

After filling out a short form to enroll, you will be added to a UVACollab site to work through the activities, which will require about 2-3 hours of your time.


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