Teaching as a Graduate Student

Introducing new graduate instructors to teaching at UVA

Our next live sessions are scheduled for January 11, 2024. Register to attend a session and to access the online material."

Teaching as a Graduate Student (TAGS) is the CTE’s orientation for new teaching assistants. TAGS provides an overview of equitable and learning-centered teaching and helps participants apply these ideas in contexts most applicable to TAs. Student teaching looks different across the range of UVA’s schools and departments, so TAGS focuses on foundational principles that are relevant across contexts. The material is designed primarily for those new to teaching, though experienced TAs may also find TAGS useful and valuable. Topics include:

  • Creating equitable and inclusive learning environments

  • Principles of learning-centered teaching

  • Supporting students’ success

  • Teaching the first day of class

  • Facilitating effective classroom discussions

  • Approaching feedback and grading effectively and efficiently

How it Works

TAGS is a hybrid learning experience, with approximately 75% of the TAGS content available year-round in online modules in UVACanvas. Members of the UVA community can register to access the online site at any time, and it will remain available for participants to revisit whenever they find it useful to do so.

On January 11, we will offer synchronous, interactive zoom sessions, during two time slots: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM and 1:00-2:30 PM. In these 90-minute sessions, small groups of GTAs meet with an experienced facilitator to discuss the asynchronous modules, ask questions, and plan effective approaches to common teaching scenarios. Participants in the live sessions should have previously completed the online modules.

Please note that UVA login credentials are required to access the online TAGS material. The online modules remain available to everyone, regardless of their ability to attend the live sessions, but for full TAGS participation, we recommend both.

Please refer to the FAQs for additional information.

List of the program's most commonly asked questions.


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