Curriculum (Re)Design

Supporting units with creating the best possible curriculum

Imagine a curriculum that is far more than a collection of courses. It not only imparts knowledge, but also transforms students, inspires faculty, and communicates the purpose, goals, and identity of your program. How can you create such a curriculum, when curriculum design or redesign is undeniably complex and time intensive? 

The CTE can guide you through this process to make it as efficient and effective as possible. We provide customized, hands-on support, as well as up to $15,000 to fund project expenses, for academic units developing or revising curricula for majors, minors, and graduate degrees. This program can also support other department-level initiatives such as large-enrollment course coordination or program assessment. 

Through a structured but flexible process, we can help you imagine possibilities, organize your efforts, stay on track, and avoid common pitfalls. The result will be a curriculum collaboratively designed by your faculty to be purposeful, equitable, learning-centered, aligned, and transparent in both process and product.

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