Quality in Online Learning

There is no institution-level standard for evaluating the quality of hybrid courses, online courses, or online programs at UVA. The University does have memberships to several organizations that publish quality standards. There are some Schools with School-based quality standards for online.

In general, it is a best practice to adopt one quality standard and then assess your content on a routine basis with that quality standard. It is typical to evaluate a course at launch for a quality score and then to update materials after the first iteration of teaching the course. It is a best practice to completely refresh course materials to ensure accuracy and timeliness every three years.

Additionally, both the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) and Quality Matters (QM) offer training and consulting around quality. Trainings provide an overview of the rubrics, certification for a specific rubric, or train the trainer certification for a specific rubric. Consulting services include evaluating current programs and advising for future programs.

Quality Standards with Rubrics

(some of the following links are hosted in COLLAB and require your Netbadge login)

  1. The three most widely used and recognized quality rubrics are: OLC Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice (QCTIP), QM Course Design Rubric Standards, Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR)
  2. SCPS Course Design Rubric and SCPS Expectations for Online Classes
  3. OLC Quality Scorecard Suite: Administration of Online Programs, Blended Learning Programs, Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice (QCTIP), Digital Courseware Instructional Practice, and Quality Scorecard for Online Student Support.
  4. QM Course Design Rubric Standards and QM Professional Education Rubric
  5. Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR)
  6. One page handout from the University of Wisconsin on Online Course Quality Indicators
  7. ONE Standard for Quality Online Teaching
  8. UVA Digital Content Advisory Committee (DCAC) Checklist for ADA Compliance
  9. 2017 Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric
  10. AECT Instructional Design Standards for Distance Learning with sample rubrics


This information was compiled by Online Learning's Kristin Palmer and can be accessed in the below document.

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