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Community-Engaged Teaching Scholars

The Community-Engaged Teaching Scholars program supports faculty in developing and broadening their expertise in community-engaged teaching. Scholars will develop and teach one new course or substantially redesign an existing course. As part of the course development, scholars will reflect deeply on what it means to create equitable and ethically responsible learning experiences.

The work kicks off in May with an intensive course design institute that provides a framework for developing high-impact experiences that nurture empathy, encourage reflection, and foster ethical citizen leadership. Community partners will be invited to collaborate with scholars during the workshop in order to align course outcomes with partner needs. Scholars then work in a small learning community during the academic year to support each other in further developing and implementing their courses.

During the program, Community-Engaged Teaching Scholars...

  • draw on evidence-based practices as well as the insights of other community-engaged instructors to develop high-impact, equitable, and ethically responsible community-based courses;
  • develop a learning-focused syllabus and teach a community-engaged course; and
  • submit a brief reflection on their experience implementing a community-engaged course, with specific attention to lessons learned and improvements they plan to make.


Faculty Administrator: Andy Kaufman

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