Fateme Nikseresht's headshot'

Fateme Nikseresht

Graduate Student


Fateme Nikseresht is a Computer Science PhD candidate who joined the Center for Teaching Excellence as a PhD Plus intern in May 2023. During her internship, she brings her expertise in data analysis, machine learning, and AI to support both the HHMI-IE3 initiative and the University Teaching and Learning Technology (UTLT) program, collaborating closely with Lindsay Wheeler. With a passion for enhancing educational experience, she contributes to the mission of promoting equity and inclusion in introductory STEM courses in the HHMI-IE3 initiative. Simultaneously, she engages with the UTLT program to improve learning technologies at the University of Virginia, assessing a new era of innovative educational practices.

Furthermore, Fateme's dedication to educational excellence extends beyond her CTE role. Her prior experience as the UVA Graduate Engineering Student Council (GESC) International Studies Liaison, along with her current position as the GESC representative on the SEAS Graduate Studies Committee, showcases her commitment to fostering collaboration and shaping the academic landscape. Through her multifaceted contributions, Fateme demonstrates her steadfast determination to drive positive change and elevate education across various platforms.