Lindsay Wheeler

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Lindsay Wheeler

Assistant Director of STEM Education Initiatives & Assistant Professor, General Faculty


Lindsay Wheeler joined the Center for Teaching Excellence in 2016. As the Assistant Director of STEM Education Initiatives, Lindsay works with instructors to support teaching and learning in science, engineering and mathematics departments across the university. She also leads research and assessment efforts in the CTE to drive program development and understand the impact of various CTE programs. Lindsay’s research interests include better understanding the role of Teaching Assistants (TAs) as instructors, exploring student perceptions of courses, and identifying the impact of various instructional approaches on diverse student populations. Lindsay’s teaching interests include implementing inclusive and reflective teaching practices, developing and utilizing inquiry-based curricula, supporting TAs in instruction, and implementing active learning strategies in large-enrollment courses. She has taught large introductory chemistry laboratory courses, small foundational chemistry courses, and teaching seminar courses to graduate and undergraduate students in the sciences.

Lindsay's CV 4-2021

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