Teaching Consultations

Undergraduate Student Consultant Perspectives


Our CTE undergraduate consultants can't wait to meet with you! They can give you feedback on many elements of your course, including:

  • your syllabus (the features that make it interesting, motivating, and welcoming);

  • your assignments (whether the instructions are clear and what kinds of guidance students would need to succeed);

  • how to foster a positive class community and high levels of student engagement; and

  • the efficacy of the various instructional strategies they experienced last year.

If you have questions about this service, contact Adriana Streifer at acs6h@virginia.edu.

Watch the following four short videos featuring our 2020 undergraduate consultants to learn more about their experiences and how they can help you improve your teaching. Schedule your consultation now!

Consultants share what they appreciate about their instructors and being students at UVA, along with their experiences learning online due to COVID-19 in Spring 2020.
Consultants discuss how instructors have harnessed their perspectives to make a course better.
Consultants talk about instructors engaging their insights and expertise to make them feel like they they were co-creating a course.

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