CTE Speaker Series

Cultivating excellence in teaching and learning


The CTE Speaker Series is a new initiative in which we will host leading experts to discuss relevant and timely topics in teaching and learning within higher education. Designed to engage graduate teaching assistants, early career instructors, and experienced faculty alike, the series provides participants with practical insights and strategies, all through the lens of educational equity.

We will carefully select topics that not only reflect the forefront of educational discourse, including diverse voices and innovative approaches, but also resonate widely within our teaching community. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience in the classroom, our series aims to offer valuable insights that will be both enriching and inspiring.

Each semester, up to two speakers will engage UVA’s teaching community on a range of subjects.

Learn more about our upcoming speaker Renée Cummings and events.


Open to a wide audience, these ~60-minute lecture-style sessions will introduce participants to the latest developments and thought-provoking perspectives in teaching and learning. Expect these seminars to be engaging and informative, designed to resonate across disciplines.

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Targeted Workshop

For a deeper dive, specialized workshops following the seminars will offer hands-on experiences and in-depth exploration of the seminar topics. These interactive sessions are intended as an opportunity for participants to develop practical skills and strategies that can be integrated into their teaching. Note that registration for workshops will be limited to ensure a productive and interactive environment.

Check out our past workshops.