SoTL Scholars

Supporting instructors in the scholarship of teaching and learning


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a framework designed to guide instructors through the systematic study of teaching and learning using methods appropriate to disciplinary epistemologies. The SoTL Scholars program provides faculty with the knowledge, skills, and supportive community needed to create classroom-focused research projects that can enhance teaching for themselves and others.

During the program, SoTL Scholars…

  • recognize the power for SoTL research to inform teaching and learning
  • contribute to a supportive, interdisciplinary peer and mentoring SoTL network at UVA
  • integrate their disciplinary epistemologies into their SoTL work
  • develop a SoTL research study that can be implemented in their course
  • use the research literature to inform their study design
  • learn different approaches to analyzing data
  • present and/or publish a SoTL project.

The SoTL Scholars program kicks off with a multi-day institute, Getting Started with SoTL, where participants are introduced to the foundational principles of SoTL research. During the institute, participants explore different approaches to SoTL and the kinds of questions SoTL can answer. They will learn how to develop a SoTL research question they have about their own classroom instruction and/or student learning, and design a study to answer that question. The institute prepares participants to collect data/evidence during the fall semester. SoTL Scholars then participate in four workshops during the academic year to learn more about different aspects of SoTL work, including data collection, analysis, and presenting and publishing SoTL.

During the spring semester, SoTL Scholars participate in small group meetings to work towards publication and/or presentation of their SoTL projects. All SoTL Scholars submit at least one proposal for a teaching and learning or discipline-based education conference.

Questions about SoTL?

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Program Administrator: Lindsay Wheeler
Program & Logistics Coordinator: Claire Reeger

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