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Launching the Next Generation of UVa Faculty for Teaching Excellence

We are currently accepting applications for 2017-2018 Ignite Scholars.


Program Description

The Ignite program, with seed funding from the Jefferson Trust and support from the Provost Office, provides faculty who are new to UVa with the knowledge, skills, and supportive community they need to develop into exceptional teachers.

Ignite kicks off with an intensive course design experience, where participants learn how to create rich, active classroom environments that support meaningful student learning – the kind of learning that changes the way students think, feel, and act. Ignite Scholars will then work in a small learning community twice per month in the fall or spring semester to support each other in implementing their courses and deepening their understanding of evidence-based practices. They complete the program by drafting an evidence-based teaching statement in which they document and analyze their work with students – in preparation for their third-year performance review.


Over the course of the program, Ignite Scholars will…

  • use evidence-based practices to design courses
  • learn effective approaches to teaching, including strategies to engage students through a variety of instructional technologies
  • develop a confident, robust, and efficient approach to teaching
  • prepare a teaching statement for their third-year review
  • build a supportive, interdisciplinary peer and mentoring network

Building on this foundation, participants can engage in future years with members of the University Academy of Teaching to further fine-tune their teaching craft.