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Teach me….I dare you: Changing student and faculty perspectives about motivation

Date: Friday October 1, 2010

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Marilla Svinicki, Professor of Educational Psychology and Educational Administration, University of Texas at Austin; Author Learning and Motivation in the Postsecondary Classroom


If there is one thing that most students and faculty would agree upon, it’s that motivation is important for learning. Unfortunately the similarity of thought often stops there. The purpose of this session is to reflect on the meaning of motivation in the academic context and why there might be such discrepancies between the student and the instructor lens. In the end you will come out of the session not only with a better understanding of current perspectives on where motivation comes from but a set of ideas about how to influence the motivation of your own students.To view the PowerPoints slides from Professor Svinicki’s talk, click here.

Sponsored by the Teaching Resource Center’s Tomorrow’s Professor Today Program

Dr. Marilla Svinicki currently holds the positions of Full Professor in Educational Psychology and also in Educational Administration at the University of Texas at Austin and Director of Curriculum and Evaluation at the Clinical Education Center at the University Medical Center at Brackenridge. She is the Chair of the Learning, Cognition, Instruction and Motivation area in the Educational Psychology Department. Prior to these positions she served as the University of Texas Faculty Development Director for 30 years. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Colorado in Experimental Psychology in 1972 and taught at Macalester College before coming to Texas and joining a research team on computer-based learning, a grant from the National Science Foundation in which she both supported faculty instructional design and evaluated project effectiveness. She has served on the boards of several projects in higher education and was twice the President of the POD Network, an international organization for professionals in faculty development.

Her expertise is in the design of teaching and learning and the application of educational psychology principles to both of those areas. Her research has been on technology in education, preparation of graduate students as teachers, community in the postsecondary classroom, and faculty concerns and development in postsecondary education. She has published primarily in the areas of faculty and graduate student development and teaching expertise, including serving as the Editor in Chief of the series,New Directions for Teaching and Learning, which specializes in understanding the educational process at the postsecondary level. and writing a monthly column on teaching for the National Teaching/Learning Forum.

Marilla Svinicki

Learning and Motivation in the Postsecondary Classroom

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