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How to Make Excellent Teaching Easier: An Idea Swap for Overworked Times

Date: Friday March 13, 2009

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Ira Bashkow, Associate Professor of Anthropology; All-University Teaching Award, 2006

How can we improve the quality of our courses while making our own lives easier in preparing for them? This faculty workshop will offer principles and practical techniques for enriching student learning in lecture courses and seminars, while actually reducing the time and effort we devote to them. How can we harness the good qualities our teaching manifests on some of our less well-prepared days? How might we direct students’ energy and build on their knowledge so as to enrich their interest and learning in the course—as well as our own? How can we take control of time spent communicating with students outside of class? Please bring practical tips of your own to share in this “idea swap.”

Sponsored by the TRC University teaching Fellows Program.

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