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Creating Courses for More Powerful Student Learning

Date: Friday November 19, 2004

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Presented by: L. Dee Fink, Director, Instructional Development Program, University of Oklahoma, and author of Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Jossey-Bass, 2003)

Most professors want their students to acquire powerful and significant kinds of learning. We would like them, for example, to be able to think critically and solve complex problems, to connect one kind of knowledge to another, to understand the personal and social implications of their knowledge, to learn how to keep on learning, and so on. How can we best help our students learn in significant ways?

Dee Fink’s work with college professors for over 25 years has convinced him that we can design such learning into our courses. In this workshop, he lays out the basic principles and procedures of effective course design. Participants will have the opportunity to consider what constitutes key knowledge and important learning experiences in their disciplines, as well as what types of classroom activities and assessment tools will best accomplish their goals.

Participants in similar workshops around the US have offered comments such as these:

  • The session and the handouts were awesome.
  • Dr. Fink brought active learning to life. I had parts of it in my courses, but now I am excited about it.
  • This workshop really added to my understanding of course design.
  • Excellent overall! Well-organized.
  • The diagrams in the handout were simple, yet powerful. I will be able to use most of this approach in my classes.

Dee Fink has provided a handout which he recommends reading prior to the workshops.

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