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The Tyranny of the Lecture (presentation)

July 22, 2013 – July 23, 2013

Zehmer Hall, Room 204

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Most—if not all—of the important skills in our life are acquired outside the traditional classroom setting. Yet we continue to teach using lectures where students passively take down information. Instead, we should really focus on the assimilation of that information and shift the focus from teaching to helping students learn. Over the past 20 years, instructors world-wide have begun to adopt Peer Instruction to get students to think in class. With the advent of new technology the process can be significantly improved. A new data-analytics driven audience response system does away with multiple choice questions and helps instructors design better questions, manage time and process flow, and optimizes the discussions in the classroom.

Sponsored by the Page-Barbour Lecture Series and co-hosted by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics and the Teaching Resource Center


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