Eligibility & Expectations


All UVA graduate students are eligible for this program. Graduate students interested in pursuing academic positions after leaving UVA will find the program most beneficial. In order to complete all program requirements, participants are recommended to have at least two years remaining at UVA. Please consult the FAQ page if you have additional questions regarding whether you’re eligible for the program or whether it is suitable for your professional development needs.


Participants in the Tomorrow’s Professors Today Tier 1 program are required to:

  • Participate in the TPT informational orientation (held twice a year in August/September and January).
    • The Spring 2021 orientation will take place virtually on Wednesday, January 27 from 2:00-3:30 PM.
  • Attend at least one TPT-sponsored event each semester while in the program.
  • Contribute to the collegiality of the program.
  • Support program feedback and assessment initiatives.
  • Keep a record of their progress in the program through a Digication e-portfolio.
  • Keep program coordinators informed of progress.

Participants in Tier 2 are required to fulfill the above obligations, plus:

  • Participate in the c3Design hybrid pedagogy seminar with other program participants.
  • Select a program advisor to mentor your work in the program. Although your advisor can come from inside or outside your department, we suggest choosing someone who will take the time to talk about teaching and professional growth, who can speak to your specific disciplinary context as a graduate student and/or future faculty member, and who might serve as your advocate in the future.

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