Rose Buckelew

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Rose Buckelew

CTE Faculty Fellow & Assistant Professor, General Faculty


Rose Buckelew joined the team as a CTE Faculty Fellow in January 2021. Rose is an Assistant Professor, General Faculty in the Department of Sociology. As a CTE Faculty Fellow, she is helping to support our ongoing efforts around advancing equity and inclusivity in educational development programs and spaces pertaining to teaching and learning. In collaboration with Cortney McEniry, she developed and facilitated the Structuring and Sustaining a More Inclusive Classroom workshop series for departments and Schools in Spring 2021. Read our Q&A with Rose.

Her research interests include race, racism, mental illness, deviance, and crime. Her primary line of research explores how racialized understandings of behavior shape the construction of addiction and the maintenance of diagnostic disparities. She teaches classes ranging from large-enrollment courses to small seminars on topics like Introduction to Sociology and Race Relations; Criminology; Race, Crime, and Punishment; and Drugs in Society.

Rose earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from Duke University, and obtained her B.A. in Sociology and Liberal Studies from California State University, Fullerton.

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