Remote Teaching Using Zoom

Use Zoom to hold class wherever you are, so long as you have an Internet connection. You can use the standalone desktop Zoom client, Zoom app, the Zoom website, or the Zoom “Online Meeting” tool that is integrated into Collab.

Getting Started

Scheduling & Joining Meetings

  • Use your computer or phone to schedule and connect to a Zoom meeting. On the computer, you can use the Zoom website or download the Zoom client.  On your phone, you can call in to a meeting or download the Zoom app (iOS or Android). 
  • Watch this 1-minute tutorial to schedule a Zoom meeting for a specific day and time, or you can start a Zoom meeting immediately. 

Enhancing Your Teaching with Zoom Features

Additional Support


This information was compiled by Online Learning's Kristin Palmer and can be accessed in the below document.

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