Lecture Capture Using Panopto

Panopto is a tool within Collab for lecture capture. Instructors can record lectures, attach slides, and edit recordings. Students can view recordings and attached slides within Collab, as well as search in the recording and skip to the relevant video section. Lectures can be recorded in a classroom environment with students.

Using Panopto to Record Lectures

  • Note: The downloadable PDF at the bottom of this page includes screenshots to demonstrate how to use Panopto.
  • Use a pair of headphones and/or standalone microphone to reduce background noise and improve overall sound quality.
  • Panopto has the capacity to record using multiple cameras and microphones.
  • Add the Panopto Lecture Capture tool to your Collab course site. You can add the tool to your site from within your Collab site. Go to Site Settings > Manage Tools, select Lecture Capture (formerly Panopto), and then press Continue and Finish. Add Panopto at least one day before you intend to use it.
  • Select Lecture Capture from your tool menu in Collab.
  • Select the Launch for questions and support, contact classrooms@virginia.edu.
  • This will open a UVA-branded window with your name at the top right. Select Download Panopto under your name. Then select the Download Panopto button.
  • Go to your Downloads folder and open the Panopto Installer application, then Install Panopto on your device.
  • You may be prompted to change the security settings on your device to allow Panopto to access your camera and microphone.
  • To record a lecture, log in to Collab, select your course, select Lecture Capture in the left navigation bar, select Launch for questions and support, contact classrooms@virginia.edu, and then select Create > Record a New Session, then select Open Panopto.
  • The next dialog box will let you name the file and specify camera and audio inputs in addition to which windows on your desktop are being recorded. It is in this window that you will press the record button in the upper left when you are ready to record your video.
  • When you press stop, a dialog box for recording complete will appear and let you save that session name and description for your recording.
  • If you went through Collab to access Panopto, you are automatically signed in and are able to upload the recording to your course.
  • You can select the Manage Online option from the dialog box and then see and edit all recordings in your course.

Additional Support


This information was compiled by Online Learning's Kristin Palmer and can be accessed in the below document.

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