Converting Your Face-to-Face Class

In blended (aka flipped or hybrid) classes, instructors use the face-to-face time for engagement and activities rather than lecturing. Typically, instructors create or curate online learning materials for review outside of class. For some tips, see the 10 Tips for Engaging and Active Learning.

10 Tips to Create Successful Blended Classes

  1. Mind the time commitment. Shifting to a blended model requires abundant planning.  Set yourself up for success by scheduling time and resources to support the shift.
  2. Mind the time commitment for your students. Shift the workload for the students between their in-class and out-of-class work without increasing the overall workload.
  3. Review your course content separating what can be reviewed outside of class versus face to face. For example, filming a physics demonstration and then doing an in-class activity where different groups think-pair-share real-world examples of that law in action.  
  4. Target online content, whether created or curated, to be in 4-8-minute segments with clear audio and transcripts. 
  5. Use the Screencasting 101 resource for tools to create online content.
  6. Need help with transcripts? Check out Do-It-Yourself Captioning (UVA Library) which includes vendors and DIY transcripts and captions for YouTube.
  7. Save yourself time in the future and create ‘evergreen’ videos. Evergreen videos have no reference to dates or current events and can be used year after year with minimal editing.
  8. Provide an incentive for students to prepare for class and a way to assess their understanding such as a short quiz, a writing activity, or a worksheet.
  9. Plan student engagement during face-to-face class time with activities that develop higher level cognitive skills (understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating).
  10. Use the template below to plan your in-class and out-of-class activities.

Additional Resources


This information was compiled by Online Learning's Kristin Palmer and can be accessed in the below document, which also contains a blended class syllabus planning template.

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