Pedagogical Benefits of Hosting an Evidence-based Movie Night

Jacob Resch | Associate Professor, School of Education and Human Development

Who doesn't love a movie night? Kinesiology Associate Professor Jacob Resch decided to host an online, evidence-based movie night for his Neuroscience of Exercise class. He selected the movie Concussion, which aligns with his course content, obtained a digital copy through the UVA Library, and then uploaded it to Canvas Studio. For the event, Resch used both Zoom and Canvas Studio; he started on Zoom, welcoming students and providing an overview of the movie night. And he of course encouraged students to have their favorite beverages and snacks in hand to complete the experience. When ready, he used a verbal countdown so that everyone could start the movie at the same time on Canvas Studio. During the movie, Resch used Zoom's chat function to share peer-reviewed research associated with the content, provide evidence-based comments about specific statements and events in the movie, and answer student questions. Afterward, he and his students had a brief conversation about Concussion. He says this was a great way to establish community within a virtual environment during a difficult time.


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