SoTL Scholars

Applications for the 2022-23 cohort will open March 1


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a framework designed to guide instructors through the systematic study of teaching and learning using methods appropriate to disciplinary epistemologies. The SoTL Scholars program provides faculty with the knowledge, skills, and supportive community needed to create classroom-focused scholarly projects that can enhance teaching for themselves and others. The core components of this program span one academic year.



The SoTL Scholars program is open to full-time (tenure-track, tenured, and general) UVA faculty. No prior experience with SoTL is needed. However, prior completion of the CTE's Course Design Institute (CDI) or c3Design (either facilitated or independent) is required before the SoTL Institute. If you have not participated in either of these programs previously, c3Design is available online asynchronously. Please see this page for details about completing it independently.



The SoTL Scholars program is designed for faculty who are 1) seeking to engage in scholarly work around learning-centered approaches to teaching and course design, and 2) willing to fully and actively participate in all aspects of the program (i.e., institute, workshops, writing retreat, submitting a conference proposal). Since a major goal is to complete a full SoTL project in the academic year, consistent and active participation in the program is crucial.


Program Activities

As a SoTL Scholar, you will...

  • recognize the power for SoTL research to inform teaching and learning
  • contribute to a supportive, interdisciplinary peer and mentoring SoTL network at UVA
  • integrate your disciplinary epistemologies into your SoTL work
  • develop a SoTL research study using data from your classroom
  • use the research literature to inform your study design
  • learn different approaches to analyzing data
  • present and/or publish a SoTL project
  • have access to limited CTE professional development funding for your SoTL project


SoTL Institute

The SoTL Scholars program kicks off with an institute where participants are introduced to the foundational principles of SoTL research. During the institute, participants explore different approaches to SoTL and the kinds of questions SoTL can answer. They will learn how to develop a SoTL research question they have about their own classroom instruction and/or student learning, and design a study to answer that question. The institute will prepare participants to collect data/evidence during the fall semester.

Workshop Meetings & Retreat

SoTL Scholars will participate in four 2-hour workshops throughout the academic year. During the program, Scholars will dig into relevant research literature, learn how to develop a SoTL research question related to student learning, and gather and analyze data. The program ends with a writing retreat to support participants’ movement toward presentation and/or publication of their work. A postdoctoral researcher will be available to assist SoTL Scholars with data collection and analysis.


Faculty Administrator: Lindsay Wheeler

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