Process Overview

Our approach to curriculum (re)design focuses substantially on both the outcome of the new or revised curriculum and on the collaborative process a unit goes through to create it. This balance ensures that the work moves forward purposefully while also being inclusive of all stakeholders. Our process is both structured and flexible and can be customized to fit your program’s particular needs and context.

Regardless of the specifics of any particular curriculum project, our work is driven by five key design principles:


With these principles in mind, an experienced CTE team will help you and your colleagues organize your goals for your students, determine the best ways to ensure students achieve those goals, and develop assessments that will tell you what you really want to know. Partnerships with the offices of Organizational Excellence and Institutional Research and Analytics (formerly Institutional Assessment and Studies) allow us to leverage our combined expertise in curriculum design, change management, and assessment.

Click on the hovering icons in the below image to explore the key questions driving the interconnected and iterative steps in the design process. You can also view this information in the dropdown below the image.



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