Experience & Expectations

Our Course Design Institute is an intensive, multi-day, hands-on seminar in which instructors (re)design courses to inspire intellectual curiosity and motivation and create transformative learning experiences for their students. CDI is designed to expand participants' pedagogical knowledge, foster personal and professional growth within a mutually supportive teaching community, and increase participants’ satisfaction with their teaching experiences.

Participants are introduced to a variety of design principles and evidence-based pedagogical practices, and encouraged to adapt these to suit their identities and teaching contexts. CDI’s design principles are grounded in scholarly literature from many fields, particularly 1) backwards, integrated, and learner-centered course design; 2) the science of learning; and 3) inclusive and equitable pedagogies.

These broad goals manifest in three concrete outcomes for participants. During CDI, participants will:

  1. Design or redesign a course built on learner-centered, equitable, and inclusive design principles;

  2. Develop a final or near-final syllabus that reflects these principles;

  3. Apply research-based teaching and learning principles to their future course design and pedagogical practices.

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