Call for Proposals 2021

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The Eighth Annual Innovations in Pedagogy Summit will virtually bring together faculty, staff, and students from across UVA and beyond to explore the theme, Fostering Curiosity, Wonder, and Creativity for All Students, particularly as it relates to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Educators have the opportunity to both create and foster learning environments where students’ curiosity, wonder, and creativity can flourish. But what does this look like—in and out of the classroom, in person and virtually, in small courses and large—and how do we ensure we are creating spaces where all students thrive?

We invite proposals from across UVA, as well as from other colleges and universities, for two session types: 45-minute interactive workshops and 10-12 minute pre-recorded presentations. The deadline for proposal submission is Monday, February 22, 2021.

At this year’s virtual Summit, we will explore the varied, complex, and interconnected ways that we can create equitable learning environments that foster curiosity, wonder, and creativity for all students. Sessions should highlight concrete, equity-focused strategies for creating learning environments conducive to fostering curiosity, wonder, and/or creativity for all students and may address questions such as the following:

  1. What kinds of pedagogical approaches (e.g., anti-racism, feminist, universal design for learning, culturally sustaining, asset-based) create welcoming spaces for students to be creative and curious? How might this appear in a virtual environment?  
  2. How can we reshape how our discipline is framed/taught to spark curiosity, wonder, and/or creativity in students, particularly those that may not feel like they can be successful in our discipline and/or come from backgrounds historically marginalized in our discipline?
  3. How can technology (e.g., virtual instruction, learning technologies) provide affordances and constraints to promote students’ equitable participation in activities that promote curiosity, creativity and/or wonder? 
  4. How can inclusive grading practices create space for student creativity? 
  5. What is the role of student-led discussions in fostering curiosity, wonder, and/or creativity? 
  6. How can decentering whiteness in reading assignments contribute to curiosity, wonder, and/or creativity in your classroom?
  7. What are ways that informal, research-based, and/or community-based learning experiences can leverage student- and community-based assets to encourage students’ curiosity, discovery, and/or wonder
  8. What is the role of failure in learning and how can it be used to create moments of curiosity, creativity, and/or wonder for students? How can we ensure that all students have positive experiences with failure?
  9. In what ways can curiosity, creativity, and/or wonder help students better understand ways to be equity-focused outside of the classroom? 

Session Format Details

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The deadline for proposal submissions is Monday, February 22, 2021. Contact with any questions.

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