Story as Pedagogy: Purposeful Narratives to Enhance Learning & Create an Inclusive Classroom

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Workshop Description

This workshop examines storytelling as an inclusive and often overlooked pedagogical tool relevant to all disciplines. Drawing upon narrative theory, learning sciences, and personal experiences, this session explores the many functions of storytelling for instructors and students who bring their own stories to the classroom. Participants will explore purposeful narrative strategies to punctuate lectures, enhance discussions, generate student motivation, and create an inclusive classroom environment.

Please note that Dr. Stewart is teaching two workshops on the same day with a 30-minute break between them. You are welcome to register for one or both workshops using the registration link. You are encouraged to attend the first workshop if you plan to attend the second, but it is not required.


Linda S. Stewart is the Assistant Director for Graduate Student Support at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Kennesaw State University. At CETL, she teaches a graduate course “College and University Teaching,” and facilitates holistic, interdisciplinary, and career-oriented professional development opportunities for graduate students and future faculty.

March 1, 2019 9:00am to 10:15am
Clemons 204 - Georges Student Center

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