Religion, Race, & Democracy Institute

Religion, Race, and Democracy: Teaching for Equity and Social Justice is designed for instructors from all disciplines interested in developing instructional approaches that foster skills and dispositions students need to engage fully and ethically in civic life. Through individual reflection, case studies, work in learning teams, theater-facilitated dialogues, and hands-on practice, we will explore strategies for creating classroom environments that foster critical reflection and authentic conversations about pressing and controversial issues of our time.

Throughout the institute, experienced facilitators will model ways to nurture learning environments that consider participants’ different positionalities and identities, support cognitive as well as emotional processing of difficult historic and current realities, and encourage compassionate listening to and engaging with marginalized perspectives. By the end of the week, you will have defined your goals for social justice learning; designed assignments that foster critical engagement; revised your syllabus to respond to and leverage your students’ diverse backgrounds, interests, and needs; and devised inspiring ways of communicating your teaching philosophy with your students.

This institute is co-sponsored by the Religion, Race, & Democracy Lab.

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Zehmer Hall

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