Pedagogy Workshop: Designing Activities for Awareness & Connection

How can “taking a contemplative pause” enhance students’ engagement with course material and with one another? What practices can build students’ self-awareness and inspire ethical action?

In this first of two in-depth workshops this semester, Karolyn Kinane, Associate Director at the Contemplative Sciences Center, will share activities that build students’ capacities for self-awareness, presence, and connection to others. For the majority of the session, participants will create or revise assignments and activities that incorporate a contemplative pause in service of desired learning outcomes. To close, we will reflect on how instructors may facilitate such experiences in ways that demonstrate and inspire care, that value the innate dignity and worth of all students.

(This workshop builds upon ideas introduced in the Spring 2021 series of contemplative pedagogy workshops. Newcomers are invited to view these videos prior to attending.)

Space is limited. Please email with questions.

1633453200 to 1633458600
New Cabell Hall - Language Commons

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