Improving Students’ Critical Thinking & Metacognition by Addressing Student Resistance




Workshop Description

Accepting the value of a systemic explanation for student resistance is a tremendous first step towards enhancing student motivation and learning, but it is only a first step. Putting the Integrated Model of Student Resistance (IMSR) into practice requires careful assessment of the sources of resistance that are holding students back and making use of the model proactively to identify teaching strategies to address specific sources of resistance. This is especially important when trying to improve student critical thinking and metacognitive skills because development in these areas usually requires students to make significant investments of time and effort, something they will naturally resist.  Those attending this workshop apply the IMSR to a specific course, evaluate resistance to promoting critical and metacognitive thinking, and will develop a plan for how to reduce resistance and enhance student success.


Anton Tolman earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in Clinical Psychology in 1991. After spending several years in private practice and in leadership positions in a state psychiatric facility, he joined the academy at Grand Valley State University in Michigan in 2000. Currently at Utah Valley University, Dr. Tolman is a Professor of Behavioral Science, Faculty Fellow for the Office of Teaching and Learning, and the former Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence. His areas of scholarly work focus on student metacognition, student resistance to learning, faculty metacognition, and issues of power in the classroom. He is senior editor of the recently published Why Students Resist Learning: A Practical Model for Understanding and Helping Students. He is married with two grown children living in California (one an attorney and one the Prince in the Squatty Potty commercials), and is an avid reader and board gamer.


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