Community-Engaged Faculty Learning Community November Meeting

Please join Andrew Kaufman (Assistant Director of Community-Engaged Learning Initiatives, CTE) and Ellen Blackmon (Curricular Coordinator of Community Engagement Programs, Office of the Provost) in this learning community that will explore the unique challenges and opportunities of community-engaged teaching in an online environment.

As many faculty are discovering, the online medium—to say nothing of the times we live in—has required us to reimagine how we teach, what we teach, and, in some cases, even why we teach. Community-engaged faculty also have had to reenvision relationships with their students and their community partners in ways that can prove both extraordinarily challenging and surprisingly rewarding. This learning community will offer a space for dialogue and brainstorming around these issues.

There will be monthly Zoom meetings of 75 minutes each with some reading and asynchronous discussion in between. In addition to the meetings, the total time commitment per month will be 1-2 hours.

This is the second to last learning community meeting. The final session is Friday, December 11View recordings of past meetings.

To join the community, please email Andrew Kaufman at

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