Call for Nominations: Building Meaningful Mentoring Relationships

The CTE, with support of a Coalition for Life-Transformative Education grant, is seeking to identify instructors who are known for building meaningful mentoring relationships with undergraduate students.

Preparing to Teach Before and After the 2020 Presidential Election

We offer a sampling of strategies that you, your colleagues, or your program can employ to prepare and engage students before, during, and after the 2020 US presidential election.

Organizing course content to encourage engagement

(From the Learning Tech Blog)

The potential benefits of well-structured course content and activities can easily be overlooked, but organization is important for fostering emotional engagement among students learning online.

Making Real Change a Classroom at a Time

What and why to teach are more important considerations than how to teach if we are to offer an education that truly matters at this distinct historical juncture, writes Andrew Kaufman.

Getting started with activities in Poll Everywhere

(From the Learning Tech Blog)

Poll Everywhere is a versatile option for encouraging engagement in your courses. Use it to present general polls, attendance items, review questions, quizzes, and more; students respond by following links to your activities in a web browser or app on their computers or mobile devices. Follow the steps to create your account, import your course roster, and create your activities.

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NEW! Community-Engaged Faculty Learning Community

Join a learning community for community-engaged faculty in Fall 2020. Read on for the goals, expectations, meeting information, and more.

New year, new tools

(From the Learning Tech Blog)

With many courses being taught online, it’s safe to say that this semester will present unique challenges for faculty, staff, and students alike. That’s why we’ve spent the summer strengthening and expanding the digital part of our Academical Village to accommodate more features and potential applications than ever before.

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UPDATE: UVA Learning Tech Website Now Live

Learning Tech is officially live. This site is your connection to learning technologies available across UVA that support your teaching and students’ learning. Whether your classroom is on Grounds, online, or a combination of the two, the resources presented here offer opportunities to enhance, refine, or even reimagine your courses.

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COMING SOON! UVA to Launch Learning Technology Hub

UVA is launching a new website dedicated to showcasing learning technologies that support your teaching and students’ learning. Learning Tech connects pedagogy with technology, presenting a dynamic catalog of available tools with a special focus on their potential value for teaching and learning.

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Welcome to UVA, New Faculty!

We know that you’re likely both excited and anxious about what the next few weeks and months have in store for you. When it comes to teaching, the CTE has a rich array of programs, events, resources, and consultation services to help you design effective and engaging learning environments, overcome challenges and discover opportunities, and connect with other passionate educators. Learn more about our resources that will help you prepare to teach this fall, regardless of instructional modality.


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