CTE Online Support

The past few months have forced the Center for Teaching Excellence to abandon plans, shift priorities, and reimagine much of our work. While our upcoming events and programs may look different, we are committed to providing you with the same thoughtful, engaging, supportive, and research-based experiences you’ve come to expect from the CTE. The rich array of options we have imagined are meant to be helpful regardless of the decision about the fall semester, and flexible in terms of the timing and time commitment. The CTE is here and ready to help.


Self-guided Experiences

These experiences are designed for those who wish to take a more independent approach to developing knowledge and expertise, particularly around online instruction. Start them when you’re ready, finish them when you can.

The ever-expanding Teaching Continuity website provides you with quick access to UVA-specific information on pedagogical strategies, instructional practices, and learning technologies.

UVA Library has electronic access to general books on online instruction as well as those that will help you design engaging learning activities and assignments. A few recommendations are just a click away.


Based closely on CDI, c3Design is our new interactive online program designed to guide you through the iterative, dynamic, and scholarly process of learning-focused course design. Design your next face-to-face, hybrid, or online course on your own and at your pace.



One-on-one consultations with an experienced CTE faculty member can help answer nagging pedagogical questions, spark new ideas, or give you confidence to try something new. There are a number of school-based units that also provide consultation services.


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