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Student-Faculty Collaboration in Teaching and Learning: A Design Thinking Workshop

Typically faculty teach to students. What happens if we approach the task differently, aiming to teach with students? What would it look like for students and faculty to co-design classes and curricula?

We will explore these questions through a design thinking activity from Stanford’s Students and faculty will be tasked with collaboratively envisioning the future of student-faculty relationships at UVA. Participants will pair up to interview each other, come to a point-of-view of how classroom experiences might look differently if co-created and then generate ideas for a collaborative approach to education. The workshop will culminate in the development of practical strategies for creating and sustaining student-faculty partnerships in teaching and learning.

This session is co-created and co-sponsored by Student Voice and the Teaching Resource Center

Date: Monday March 23, 2015
Location:Open Grounds

To register please email Stephanie Doktor at


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