Teaching Portfolio Selected References

  How To Produce A Teaching Portfolio, extracts from Peter Seldin’s book “The Teaching Portfolio – A Practical Guide to Improved Perfomance and Promotion/Tenure Decisions, 2nd Ed.” The following articles on teaching portfolios appeared in the TRC’s newsletter Teaching Concerns:… Read More »

Portfolios On the Web

Faculty Teaching Assistants Marva Barnett, CTE/French Olivia Lima, Psychology Aaron Bloomfield, Computer Science Natalie Bordelon Milman, Curry School of Education Angeline Lillard, Psychology Dennis Proffitt, Psychology

Portfolios at the TRC

*Sorted alphabetically by discipline. Faculty Nicolas Sihlé, Anthropology Jim Simmonds, Applied Math Kate Nesbitt, Architecture Kenneth Schwartz, Architecture Hsin-hsin Liang, Asian & Middle Eastern Language & Culture Gil Roy, Asian & Middle Eastern Language & Culture Kristen Curran, Biology Carol… Read More »

Products of Good Teaching

The following ideas about the products of good teaching were suggested by participants in the U.Va. Teaching Portfolio Workshop. Work from yourself: List your goals for the course, survey the students for theirs, and compare the two lists. If necessary,… Read More »

Teaching Portfolios Survey (2003)

Introduction to Survey After seven annual Teaching Portfolio Workshops on Analyzing and Improving Teaching (1995-2001), serving more than 90 faculty members and over 70 graduate teaching assistants (TAs), the U.Va. Teaching Resource Center (TRC) staff wanted to take a closer… Read More »

Teaching Portfolio FAQ

  When is the next Workshop? There is currently no timeline for the next offering of the Teaching Portfolio Workshop. What is a teaching portfolio? You select, analyze, and comment on documents that demonstrate your teaching of your academic discipline.… Read More »