The Teaching Portfolio: A Living Document

Manuel D. Rossetti, Department of Systems Engineering View PDF In September of 1994, the Teaching Resource Center co-sponsored a seminar by Peter Seldin, Professor of Management at Pace University, on developing teaching portfolios. As a first-year assistant professor, I was… Read More »

Taking Stock: Evaluations from Students

Robert F. Bruner, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Executive Director of the Batten Institute, Darden Graduate Business School View PDF A packet of student evaluations of your course (and, by extension, of you) arrives on your desk. This packet… Read More »

Reflections on Teaching: The Science of Showing Off

Wade Edwards, TA, Department of French View PDF In the French Department, new TAs traditionally take an introductory course on foreign language pedagogy in which we discuss the vicissitudes of teaching, discern some strategies for dealing with weekly crises, and… Read More »

Teaching Idea: The One-Minute Paper

From B. Magnan View PDF As teachers we usually know what we think our students should get out of a class session, but how often do we know how close their understanding is to our expectations? Do we have to… Read More »

The “Course Evaluation Follow-up” Form

Cheryl Krueger, Associate Professor, Department of French View PDF End-of-semester evaluations provide a collective written portrait of our courses from the students’ point of view.  Yet as we read evaluations one by one, it is often easier to focus on… Read More »