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Teaching Handbooks

The list below is a compilation of online teaching handbooks at U.Va. and other institutions. Some of the handbooks are general and others are department specific, and some are for teaching assitants and others are for faculty.

University of Virginia


Teaching at the University of Virginia: A Handbook for Faculty and Teaching Assistants
Through Teaching at the University of Virginia: A Handbook for Faculty and Teaching Assistants, accomplished U.Va. professors and TAs share with you, both faculty members and graduate student teaching assistants, some of what they’ve learned from others and from their own fruitful—and less than fruitful—experiences.

Teaching a Diverse Student Body
The suggestions in this handbook are meant to help faculty and teaching assistants recognize some broad ways in which students may differ from one another–and from each of us–and to examine what effect these differences may have on our students’ learning and our teaching.


Handbook for TAs – Required Courses Sequence (French 101, 102, 105, 201, 202, and 232)


Handbook for Graduate Teaching Assistants
The purpose of this handbook is to provide a guide to the work of the teaching assistant (TA) in the Department of Sociology at the University of Virginia. This handbook is primarily intended to provide orientation for the new TA, but should also serve as a handy reference for more experienced TAs.

Spanish, Italian, and Portugese

Teaching Guidelines

Brown University


Teaching at Brown (PDF)
This booklet offers an introduction to the education of undergraduates at Brown, summarizes some of the research on learning, suggests some general qualities of good teaching applicable to all subjects, and details useful techniques for specific instructional situations (leading discussions, giving lectures, running labs, grading, and teaching in small groups). It addresses the diversity (learning, cultural, racial, economic, etc.) that teachers may encounter in the Brown classroom and offers a variety of suggestions for evaluating and improving your teaching.

Florida State University


Instruction at FSU
This handbook has been designed to help those instructional faculty and graduate teaching assistants who are interested in being more effective teachers. It offers strategies used by experienced instructors and presents instructional methods and techniques following four components of Instructional Design: Course Planning, Lesson Delivery, Student Testing and Grading, and Course Revision and Evaluation.

Michigan State University


A Handbook for Teaching Assistants (PDF)
This manual is packed full of suggestions, pedagogical models, and resources.


Teaching Assistant Manual (PDF)

Northwestern University


TA Handbook 2003 (PDF)
This handbook is meant as a guide for Teaching Assistants in the Department of English at Northwestern University. This handbook was written with the understanding that the Teaching Assistantship is a professional apprenticeship. Being a TA forms an integral part of the training that you receive in preparation for the Ph.D. From the Graduate Student’s perspective, the Teaching Assistantship should be much more than merely a source of funding; from the Department’s perspective, Teaching Assistants should be much more than a convenient (and in some sense, exploited) source of academic labor.

The Ohio State University


Teaching @ Ohio State University: A Teaching Handbook

Princeton University


AI (Assistants in Instruction) Handbook (PDF)
This handbook is meant to help instructors as they face expectations. It might also help strengthen their own commitment to teaching and to their discipline, where, as a graduate student, they are on their way to becoming a professional.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology AI Manual
This AI (Assistants in Instruction) training manual is designed to address issues specific to teaching courses in Molecular Biology.

Purdue University

Computer Sciences

TA Handbook

Stanford University


Electrical Engineering TA Handbook

Civil and Environmental Engineering TA Handbook


TAing in Linguistics


Teaching Physics at Stanford University

Vanderbilt University


For New Teachers
This page provides links and resources of special interest for people new to university teaching.

Virginia Tech


GTA Handbook (PDF)
The handbook is organized around three types of information: planning and teaching, campus resources, and university rules and procedures.

UC – Berkeley


Graduate Student Instructor Teaching and Resource Center
Here, you will find a variety of resources focused on helping you become a better instructor, such as creating ground rules for discussion sections, using group work in discussion sections, strategies for variety in the classroom, developing critical reading skills, how to teach lab sections, award-winning teaching ideas (teaching effectiveness award essays), theories of learning, dealing with and preventing academic dishonesty, grading students’ written work, understanding & using instructional technology, five ways to improve your teaching, how to write a letter of recommendation, and FAQs.

UC – Santa Barbara


TA Handbook

International Teaching Assistant Handbook
To assist you in adapting to your new surroundings, this booklet provides background information about the TA role, the American educational system, various perspectives on American undergraduate students and the perceptions and experiences of international teaching assistants.

UC – Los Angeles


TA Handbook
This handbook is designed to make your life as a teaching assistant easier. It has been compiled and written by teaching assistants who have worked “in the trenches” teaching undergraduates at UCLA. We have included tips and guidelines gleaned from our experience so that you can learn from our mistakes without having to make them yourself. The handbook also provides basic information about University policy as it relates to TAs and the teaching assistant job.

University of Colorado at Boulder


Graduate Teacher Program Handbook
The GTP Handbook provides a plethora of articles on diverse topics like Academic Ethics and Gender Equity,Thoughts on Teaching and other relevant material for graduate students.

The Tutor
The Tutor explores aspects of postsecondary teaching that are especially relevant to graduate students.

University of Chicago


Instructor’s Online Tutorial
This section includes a variety of resources developed through the University of Chicago and other institutions designed to provide useful advice and provoke discussion about a variety of pedagogical topics. Please feel free to suggest other resources.

University of Delaware


Handbook for Graduate Teaching Assistants
This handbook is designed to help TAs in their development as instructors.

University of Florida


University of Florida Teaching Handbook
Teaching at the University of Florida describes expectations of and resources available to UF’s TAsU.

University of Georgia

A Handbook for Graduate Teachingand Laboratory Assistants
This handbook gives a sense of how teaching at the University of Georgia is especially rewarding and challenging, regardless of your discipline.

University of Iowa


Center for Learning Handbook for Teaching Assistants (PDF)
This handbook is an overview with guideposts for further exploration, a place where you can find links to additional information and resources.

University of Massachusetts – Amherst


University of Massachusetts Amherst Handbook for New Instructors
This handbook is especially valuable for its sections on the various roles that TAs must balance, and for its section on creating inclusive classrooms.

University of Michigan


GSI Guidebook
This Guidebook is designed to help Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) during their first teaching experiences.

Lab Courses

Guidebook for Teaching Labs
This guidebook was written to help instructors as they begin teaching in a laboratory setting. At present, the guidebook includes sections on goals of laboratory classes, the roles of a lab GSI, preparing for and teaching a lab class, helping students work collaboratively, and grading.

University of New Hampshire


A Handbook for Graduate Assistants (PDF)
The Handbook begins with sections that answer the general questions most graduate assistants will have early on in their appointment. After these introductory sections, an especially important segment of the Handbook is devoted to “Helpful Resources and Important Issues for All Graduate Assistants.” The Handbook proceeds toward sections designed specifically for the particular assistantship roles of teaching assistant and research assistant. The “Case Studies” section, located near the back of the Handbook, offers scenarios in an effort to encourage ongoing reflection and discussion.

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill


Teaching at Carolina
The Teaching at Carolina handbook is a reference work that instructors can consult when they have questions or want information on a specific aspect of teaching.

Teaching for Inclusion
This is a handbook exploring diversity in the college classroom.

University of Pennsylvania


Teaching Assistant Handbook
The TA Handbook is designed as a reference tool for you to use during your initial semesters of teaching.

University of Pittsburgh


The Teaching Assistant Experience
The teaching assistant and teaching fellow handbook for the University of Pittsburgh offers an indexed overview of teaching in a variety of classroom situations.

University of Utah


Teaching Assistant Resources: Survival Guide Tips
Provides tips for TAs teaching a class, TAs leading discussions, TAs in the lab, readers/ graders, international TAs, and general TA survival.

University of Washington


Teaching and Learning at UW: A Handbook for TAs
This handbook includes nformation and resources for UW Teaching Assistants.

University of Waterloo

ISG Tutor/TA Handbook
The purpose of this handbook is to inform the new staff (tutors and TAs) how ISG functions as a team; however, experienced staff will also find the information useful. This handbook includes general information about resources, responsibilities, and expectations of ISG members.

Updated: 1/26/10