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Teaching Portfolios

Teaching Portfolio Selected References


How To Produce A Teaching Portfolio, extracts from Peter Seldin’s book “The Teaching Portfolio – A Practical Guide to Improved Perfomance and Promotion/Tenure Decisions, 2nd Ed.”

The following articles on teaching portfolios appeared in the TRC’s newsletter Teaching Concerns:

Anonymous Gift Funds Teaching Portfolio Workshop

Creating a Teaching Portfolio: Is It Worthwhile? by Toni Wegner, Department of Psychology. October 1995.

Presenting Our Work as Teachers: Finding the ‘Tune’ with a Teaching Portfolio by Robert F. Bruner, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration & Executive Director of the Batten Institute, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. Spring 2001.

The Teaching Portfolio: A Living Document by Manuel D. Rossetti, Department of Systems Engineering. October 1995.

Teaching Portfolios Revisited. Fall 1997.

The following titles, covering various aspects of teaching portfolios, are available in the TRC library:

Teaching Portfolios. Bibliography of TRC Resources, May 1995.

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Firestone, Beverly K. The Teaching Portfolio: An Individual Creation. Lilly Conference, 1994.

How Portfolios Can Improve Teaching-Learning Connection. The Teaching Professor (February 1995).

Losey, Eugene N. and Richard Roughton. The Single Course Teaching Portfolio: Faculty Development for Adjunct Faculty. Lilly Conference, 1994.

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