The Center for Teaching Excellence has produced a wide variety of printed resources over the years, from handbooks, occasional papers, and a newsletter to more focused resources on, for example, mentoring and student evaluations.

CTE Resources
  • At a glance…

    The CTE has combed through the literature to produce a set of short summaries which highlight the theories and practical aspects of various teaching, learning, and professional development topics. Read More »

  • Engaging Students in Discussions

    These activities are designed to help students engage and participate in  discussions. They aim to help advance the high level of critical thinking,  public-speaking-skill development, and engagement that in-class discussions promote. They also help  students partner with teachers for deep… Read More »

  • Faculty Mentoring

    Resources for faculty mentors and mentees as well as administrators who wish to create new or enhance existing mentoring programs. Read More »

  • How to Write a Winning Proposal and Get Those Grants!

    A beginner’s guide to the proposal writing and submission process at the University of Virginia. Read More »

  • Hybrid Technology-Enhanced Courses: Selected Resources

    Selected resources about hybrid technology-enhanced courses. Read More »

  • Online Learning

    The following resources are available to UVA instructors involved in online and other forms of technology-enhanced education. Read More »

  • Occasional Paper Series

    In the spirit of its mission to promote excellence in teaching at the University of Virginia and in recognition of the inherent scholarly relationships between research and teaching, the Teaching Resource Center welcomes paper submissions for this series on a continuing basis. Read More »

  • Peer Observation of Teaching

    Historically, faculty have been more likely to share drafts of articles and grant proposals than to open classroom doors to colleagues—even though the resulting constructive feedback is equally helpful and invigorating. Peer observation can help instructors help each other improve… Read More »

  • Reflections on Teaching

    In these essays, colleagues from different academic disciplines offer various views of the scholarship of teaching, the achieving and sharing of intellectual discovery. Read More »

  • Student Evaluation of Teaching

    Learn about the benefits of collecting mid-semester feedback and end-of-course evaluation data, strategies for identifying areas for improvement, and suggestions for implementing changes to your learning environment. Read More »

  • Syllabus Rubric

    This CTE-developed syllabus rubric provides qualitative descriptions of components that distinguish learning-focused syllabi and uses a quantitative scoring system that places syllabi on a spectrum from content-focused to learning-focused. Read More »

  • Teaching a Diverse Student Body: Practical Strategies for Enhancing our Students’ Learning

    The suggestions in this handbook are meant to help faculty and teaching assistants recognize some broad ways in which students may differ from one another–and from each of us–and to examine what effect these differences may have on our students’ learning and our teaching. Read More »

  • Teaching at the University of Virginia: A Handbook for Faculty and Teaching Assistants

    Through Teaching at the University of Virginia: A Handbook for Faculty and Teaching Assistants, accomplished U.Va. professors and TAs share with you, both faculty members and graduate student teaching assistants, some of what they’ve learned from others and from their own fruitful—and less than fruitful—experiences. Read More »

  • Teaching Concerns

    Between 1991 and 2009, Teaching Concerns was published once per semester by the Teaching Resource Center for faculty and teaching assistants at the University of Virginia. It served as a medium for dissemination of teaching tips, essays, book reviews, announcements and deadlines, as well as other teaching related information. Read More »

  • Teaching Portfolios

    A variety of resources created in conjunction with the TRC’s Teaching Portfolio Workshop to help you develop a teaching portfolio. Read More »

  • Teaching Resource Library

    Online, searchable catalogue of the Center’s teaching and learning library. Read More »

  • Writing a Reflective Teaching Statement

    A collection of guides and sample statements for reflective teaching statements. Read More »

  • Teaching the First Day(s) of Class

    Uncertain what to do with your first days of class? Here are resources taken from the “Teaching the First Days” session at the annual August Teaching Workshop. Read More »

Resources at UVA
  • Engaged Learning

    Resources for assessing student learning from and for UVa faculty and instructors teaching academic community engagement and study abroad courses. Read More »

  • Speak Your Mind

    Speak Your Mind is for anyone aiming to improve their speaking skills. Teachers and students will find much to consider and implement, given the emphasis on speaking in education settings. On the site, you will find books, articles, videos, all offering ideas and practical… Read More »

  • Support for UVa Faculty and Students

    Descriptions and contact information of U.Va. programs and centers that provide support for faculty and students at the University. Read More »

  • Center Collaborations with UVa Units

    The Center appreciates the vital collaborative work with other UVa units involved in teaching and learning. This resource includes an expanded list of our collaborations. Read More »

  • Accent Management Services

    Accent management services are available on Grounds at the Sheila C. Johnson Center for Human Services Read More »

Resources beyond UVA