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Current Members

Emily Scida

Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese


Curriculum Vitae

Examples of Sharing Teaching Expertise:

  • As NEH/Daniels Family Distinguished Teaching Professor (2011-2014, project description) explores improved undergraduate foreign language teaching through graduate student professional development and assessment
  • Has led the August Teaching Workshop “Moving Beyond Learning Disabilities in Foreign Language Courses” session multiple times
  • Presented in the January Teaching Workshop (2010) “Innovative Methods for Assessing Student Learning;” presented “Assessment of Teaching and Learning through Video” in Inaugural Academic Symposium “Using Evidence to Improve Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” session with Yitna Firdyiwek (2011) (

Teaching Mantra:  Anti-teaching:  The careful design of opportunities that offer students choice, control, agency, and flexibility will support active and deep learning.