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Academy Activities

Grants for Learning

Members of the University Academy of Teaching are invited to apply for grant funding (a $1,000 professional development fund and a $500 expense budget) to support projects that will enhance faculty and/or graduate student colleagues’ ability to help their students learn. This program aims to encourage and support Academy members in sharing their teaching expertise with multiple colleagues in a focused way over a semester or academic year. Funding is available for three (3) Grants for Learning this year.

These Grants for Learning may support any of a wide range of activities, from conversations to workshops to research. Here are a few sample ways in which Academy members can use this funding to make a positive difference:

  • Create departmental or interdisciplinary learning communities on pedagogy or the scholarship of teaching and learning: for example, reading groups or lunch discussions
  • Research a pedagogical area of interest (e.g., team teaching, problem-based learning) and share lessons learned by offering a workshop or publishing an essay on the topic
  • Expand and/or enhance pedagogical development opportunities for graduate TAs

The expense budget may be used in any way that supports the project, from refreshments for participants, to books and materials, to travel costs—but not for expenses considered routine departmental or program expenses.

Request for Proposals & Deadline
List of Funded Project Abstracts