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Academy Activities

Academy Retreat

Every year Academy members convene to discuss teaching and learning at UVa. The retreat not only stimulates discourse but also works to build new collaborations.

Retreat 2015

The fourth Academy retreat, focused on the theme of student engagement, was held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 in beautiful Brooks Commons.The retreat began with the induction and welcoming of new members, introductions, and games — including a teaching mantra distillation and recollection exercise that helped us share instructional philosophies in a word.

Summary of Retreat 2015

Retreat 2014

Close upsTwenty five Academy members convened in Brooks Hall Commons on Saturday, September 20th to consider the challenge of how to deepen student engagement in learning. Prior to settling in to that discussion, ten new members were recognized and welcomed into the Academy.

Summary of Retreat 2014

Retreat 2012

Fall-2012-065-300x207Fall 2012 Eighteen University Academy of Teaching members met on October 27th in the second annual Academy Retreat to discuss current issues related to teaching and learning at U.Va. After reviewing the major accomplishments of the Academy’s first year, members brainstormed ideas for how the Academy could continue to have a strong presence in U.Va.’s future.

Summary of Retreat 2012

Retreat 2011

IMG_1838-e1321647823713Twenty University Academy of Teaching members spent Saturday morning, October 29th examining teaching and learning at U.Va. After first individually brainstorming the major challenges to teaching and learning we currently face at the University, members explored them, recommending various ways in which the Academy might respond.

Summary of Retreat 2011