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Academy Activities

Academy Associates

Annually, each Academy member selects a colleague to be an Academy Associate. The Associate is usually an assistant professor, from the same or a different department as the Academy member. The goal of these pairings is to give a boost to less experienced colleagues. Thanks to the Jefferson Trust, we are able to support a few lunches between Academy Members and Associates each year.

Member/Associate activities include these:

  • Set goals and expectations of the mentoring, submitting to the CTE the completed “Associate-Plan-Agreement” form
  • Undertake together a teaching-related activity monthly, for instance:
    • Discussing teaching and student learning
    • Observing each other’s classes
    • Meeting with another Associate/Member pair to share ideas
    • Consulting about the results of a CTE Teaching Analysis Poll or videotaped class
    • Attending a teaching workshop together

The Associate will submit to the Academy Executive Board a reflective analysis how valuable this experience was to his/her teaching and students’ learning (due in May).

For a comparison with the Teaching Partnerships, please click here.

Feedback from participants on program’s effects and benefits.

Teaching Parntnerships Vs. Academy Associates
Teaching Partnerships and Academy Associateships may look similar but have somewhat different goals and parameters. Partnerships are more formal, more structured, designed to help experienced colleagues significantly improve their teaching. Associateships are relatively informal, designed to give a junior colleague a boost around teaching, a generous introduction to the U.Va. teaching culture.