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Program Calendar

NOTE: Dates may fluctuate slightly from year to year.

May End-of-Year Ceremony – Participants completing all program requirements* are recognized at an awards ceremony in one of Gardens just off the Lawn. Participants receive a framed certificate and a letter certifying their successful completion of the program to add to their job application materials. All program participants are welcome to attend.
Early June Application Deadline – Applicants must submit an application letter, a statement of individual goals, a declaration of commitment to the program, and seminar availability form. The application provides participants an opportunity to reflect on their motivations for entering the program while encouraging them to consider seriously their level of interest.
June/July Participant Notification – Applicants are notified about acceptance into the program.
August Program Start Date – TPT officially begins with the Teaching Resource Center’s annual August Teaching Workshop (ATW), typically held the week before classes begin. Participants may complete program requirements prior to ATW.
September New Participant Orientation – During this informal orientation meeting, new participants learn more about TPT and its requirements, as well as receive their TPT Dossier. They must also identify a program advisor prior to this meeting. All new participants are required to attend this meeting.
September Current Participant “Check-up” – All active participants are surveyed about their progress towards program completion.
April 1 Notification of Completion – Participants must complete all program requirements, have their advisor sign-off on their dossier, and submit their dossier to the CTE by mid-April in order to be invited to that year’s ceremony.