SoTL Scholars

Supporting instructors in the scholarship of teaching and learning


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a framework designed to guide instructors through the systematic study of teaching and learning using methods appropriate to disciplinary epistemologies. The SoTL Scholars program provides instructors with the knowledge, skills, and supportive community needed to create classroom-focused scholarly projects that can enhance teaching for themselves and others. The core components of this program span one academic year.

Program Activities

As a SoTL Scholar, you will...

  • recognize the power for SoTL research to inform teaching and learning

  • contribute to a supportive, interdisciplinary peer and mentoring SoTL network at UVA

  • integrate your disciplinary epistemologies into your SoTL work

  • develop a SoTL research study using data from your classroom

  • use the research literature to inform your study design

  • learn different approaches to analyzing data

  • present and/or publish a SoTL project

  • have access to limited CTE professional development funding for your SoTL project

More about participant eligibility and program expectations.

More about applying to SoTL Scholars.

List of our SoTL Scholars throughout the years.

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