SoTL Grants

Supporting new knowledge related to teaching and learning at UVA


The purpose of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grants program is to foster a culture of evidence-based research designed to contribute new knowledge related to teaching and learning at UVA. Funding supports (1) faculty conducting SoTL research, (2) a group of faculty working on a common SoTL project, or (3) faculty who have conducted a SoTL project and are working toward disseminating their research.

We also offer limited-time SoTL Dissemination Awards designed to support instructors in disseminating their SoTL work by facilitating attendance at conferences, workshops, or symposia.

More about applying for our SoTL Grants.

More on applying for our limited-time SoTL Dissemination Awards.

List of our grantees from 2022 to present.

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Jess Taggart

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