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Professors As Writers

Book Manuscript Conference Grants

Book Manuscript Conference Grants of up to $1500 are available for 3-4 faculty applicants. These one-time only grants can be used during the 2012-13 academic year to support a 1-2 day writing workshop for a manuscript nearing completion. A book conference allows the reviewers and author to repsond to none another’s comments and collectively devise strategies for improving and placing the manuscript. The focus of a writing conference should be on constructive, informed feedback to help improve the published record of your scholarship.

Grant-winners will meet with the Director of the Professors as Writers Program to discuss effective strategies other UVa faculty have discovered when planning and conducting a manuscript conference.

Eligible applicants include all tenure-track or tenured UVa faculty who have not been awarded this or another type of PAW Writing Grant in the past 2 years.

Use of grant: Faculty members awarded a grant may apply it towards the following expenditures:

  • to pay a small honorarium for senior scholar(s) outside UVa who serve as reviewers for the manuscript conference
  • to pay travel and lodging expenses for those external scholars
  • to pay for food for both external and internal readers who take part in the manuscript workshop.

Applications for a 2012-13 Book Conference Grant are due by [currently suspended] to the Director of the PAW program at Award winners will be notified in early November.

Applications should include the following:

  1. Description and Timeline of Project: A short (less than 1 page) summary of the manuscript in development, including a schedule for completion. In this summary, applicants should also specify whether the work is under contract with a publisher.
  2. Rationale for Conference: A short (less than 1 page) narrative explanation of why and how the proposed conference will help develop develop this project. In this rationale, please include any relevant information about tenure or promotion timelines; the selection committee will consider project and career timelines along with other criteria when awarding grants.
  3. Annotated List of Possible Reviewers: Names of possible external or internal scholars you will consider inviting to the book conference and their specific qualifications. You do not have to confirm their participation before applying for a grant. This list might include 2-4 scholars external to UVa you are considering as well as internal readers, including a faculty or graduate colleague who will serve as note-taker.
  4. A current Curriculum Vitae.
  5. A detailed budget, including a statement of support in matching funds from your department or school. Note: if your department or school cannot provide support, include instead a letter of explanation.

Selection Criteria:

To be competitive, a proposal must…

  • propose a well-thought out, feasible and reasonable plan, explaining how the Grant will be used,
  • make a persuasive case for why the Grant will help the applicant complete or make significant progress on a written project
  • explain why this Grant is important to you at this point in your career and how it will further your professional development at UVa.

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