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Learning Assessment Grants

This program is no longer active.  This website serves as a representation of the Learning Assessment Grants Program website as it appeared during the life of the program (2008-2013).

Program Description
The Office of Institutional Assessment and Studies (IAS) and the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) administer this annual small grants program designed to support assessment efforts at UVa. Specific goals of the program, include:

  1. help faculty assess student learning, wherever their starting point
  2. help faculty incorporate assessment and its results into on-going program management
  3. identify and use programs’ assessment experiences as models of best practice for others.

As faculty conduct assessments with the help of these small grants, we hope that their colleagues will come to appreciate the wealth of approaches to assessment and be inspired to adopt or develop their own techniques or tools.

Call for Proposal
Members of the University faculty are invited to apply for grant funding, up to $2000 per proposal. For the 2012-13 grants program, we are especially interested in proposals focused on assessing and improving undergraduate research, defined as individual or team research projects, conducted within courses or through labs, studios, or fieldwork, wherein students formulate a research question or problem, collect and analyze evidence, produce findings, and communicate the process and results. Student research can be conducted for academic, applied, design, or creative purposes. All proposals aimed at conducting systematic, research-based assessment, developing or refining assessment methods, or furthering the incorporation of assessment into academic program decision-making will receive full consideration. “Needs assessments” will not be funded.

Proposals are evaluated on their potential to accomplish stated assessment goals and to guide future program planning.

The grants program is open to tenured and tenure-track faculty, general faculty, and lecturers with continuing appointments. Individual faculty members, teams of faculty members, and teams of faculty and graduate students may apply. No department may submit more than two proposals; if two are submitted, they must be prioritized—that is, if only one were funded, which would the department prefer?

Grant Funds
Although the awards will be made in Spring 2012, grant funds may be used through AY2012-13. Funds may be used to support salaries (e.g. staff, graduate students), operating expenses, travel, equipment (e.g. video equipment), or other relevant and necessary costs. The funds may not be used for course buyouts or for expenses that are considered routine departmental or program expenses. Proposals should include a detailed budget justification.

The grants program is administered by IAS and TRC. All proposals or inquiries should be directed to IAS (c/o Lois Myers, Proposals are due Friday March 23, 2012 and award announcements will be made on or before May 1, 2012.

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